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We give a trusted personal service able to check your details & offer assistance. We can recover codes for many factory-fitted units including the Ford FX Sat-Nav and Ford Visteon radios; Traffic Pro Sat-Nav fitted to Landrover & the Freelander; Renault's Carminat Sat Nav & radios; Becker & Blaupunkt radios fitted to Mercedes; Nissan's Connect Sat Nav; the Suzuki Ignis radio; codes for Audi, Chrysler, Jeep and more esoteric models such as Ferrari and Maserati's Quattroporte.

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Air & Sound Installations, West London


Air and Sound, a family business, was founded in 1984 by John Conway. Air and Sound went from installing simple cassette players, to building custom sound systems. Leading manufacturer, Clarion, commissioned Air and Sound to build a demo car for them (the first of many), a limited edition Alfa Romeo SZ, the car featuring at the UK Motorshow in 1991. We were one of the first companies to install a multimedia system into a rare Lexus Soarer. This was the beginning of In-Car Multimedia and sparked a huge interest in the company, attracting everyone from young men with sport hatchbacks, to celebrities and their luxury vehicles. Today, Air and Sound continues to build some of the most unique In-Car Multimedia installs. Our workshop is the birthplace to some of the wildest and most recognised car installations. If you love sound, if you love multimedia, if you love your car, Air and Sound is where you should come.

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