12 Years in the Making - Clarion's NX706E

[Sept 2016] The latest in a line of class-leading in-car entertainment and route guidance systems from Clarion, that can trace its history and pedigree in models going back some 12 years now, has been launched by the Japanese in-car specialist manufacturer. The NX706E, now available via the Clarion on-line UK store and its dealer network, is as always stuffed full of innovation and functionality in audio, video and navigation features.

While fully featured almost beyond compare, Clarion have as usual put a lot of thought into usability. There's a 7" full colour touch screen featuring large, swipe-through animated icons and images to select specific functions, eliminating the need for a vast array of push buttons and controls. Variable colour screen illumination enables owners to tune the look of the display to match the vehicle's instrument panel.

The NX706E incorporates a tuner, CD and DVD player, and latest generation GPS navigation unit, with mapping for practically the whole of Europe. The iGo Nextgen navigation software features realistic 3D landscape and en-route building renderings, a 360 degree display for optimal map viewing and clear, turn-by-turn voice prompts. It's pre-loaded with a host of selectable POIs (Points of Interest), and real-time TMC traffic management comes as standard. Map updates can be imported via the integral SD Card, and the latest map data can be downloaded free of charge from the Clarion website on purchase of the unit.

Built-in Bluetooth provides hands-free call capability, with import and display of the mobile phone book direct to the touch screen. Compatibility with a wide variety of mobile phones enables the wireless streaming of music libraries from Bluetooth-enabled Apple and Android mobiles. With a compatible iPhone attached, you'll even be able to engage in Siri voice command to control music choice and further options, including checking emails and messages.

Clarion NX706E Radio, DVD, Sat-Nav

The new NX706E features dual USB terminals for wired connections to phone and mobile devices containing music libraries - songs and playlists will then appear on screen and can be selected and played instantly by the touch of a finger.

It's an impressive enough system as it comes, but expansion options include connections for Clarion's digital audio (DAB) add-on and TV tuner, as well as the superb convenience offered by Clarion's rear view cameras. And the handy, in-built 'two-zone' technology enables the selection of different audio or video content in the front and rear of the vehicle by adding additional Clarion rear seat, or flip-down roof-mounted, colour monitors.

Uniquely, the NX706E also includes an optical digital output, enabling it to be connected to Clarion's recently launched, award-winning Full Digital Sound loudspeaker system. It also, of course, has conventional analogue RCA outputs - 3 sets - to which additional signal processors and amplifiers can be connected if you need more than what's already built in.

The Clarion NX706E is priced at £799 inc VAT. All Clarion products are sold by the UK appointed specialist dealer network and also on-line at the official Clarion store, www.clarion-shop.co.uk. For those looking for expert help in fitting, Clarion's network of appointed specialist dealers is well equipped for the job. [Kevin O'Byrne - News Editor]