Garnish Launches Revolutionary Finishing Process

Garnish Launches Revolutionary Finishing Process

[Archived Article] Garnish UK was founded in 2009 by Sean Taylor. He previously founded Plastic Surgeon, a prominent UK provider of repair, renovation and refinishing expertise to the building trade. Sean's automotive background and longing to match his passion for cars with his experience in fine finish technologies led to Garnishdip, a technology aimed at any product sector that has an audience with a discernible eye for quality and a desire to set themselves apart from the crowd. And that would of course include the car market, amongst many others.

The Exeter-based company has launched a process for applying images to non-porous, complex-shaped, three dimensional objects. The Garnishdip method, adapted from a water transfer process, can be used to impart images on to objects measuring up to one meter square, and has been trialled on all sorts of items, from vehicle door mirror casings and trim parts, to electric guitar bodies.

The process comprises five main steps: preparation, base coat, dip, rinse, and lacquer. Each part of the process is carried out by skilled personnel to ensure a flawless finish, and there are a whole host of finishes currently available. There is also the possibility that customers could create their own designs.

Director Sean Taylor said; "We wanted to create a way of customising materials to provide a unique, durable finish, and we succeeded in modifying some standard equipment in order to do this. The process is quite skilled and we're able to carry out bespoke work to a very high standard, offering customers a uniquely different end result." Garnish is further developing the technique and has already managed to put patterns on to coffee machines, cycle helmets, alloy wheels and many other items.

For more information on Garnishdip visit, which holds a gallery and provides an online order form. Some example prices for standard-sized items are also listed, but most pricing is dependent on the item to be treated. You can also call 01392 829557 or drop in to their premises in Marsh Barton, Exeter. [KOB]