Trevor Mollett, a father figure of the UK car electronics industry

Trevor Mollett

[Archived Article from 2011] Trevor Mollett, described by someone who knew him well as "the greatest character our industry has ever known" died on the 26th February 2011 after a prolonged illness.

Our industry has lost many good people, as is inevitable, but some became so well known well beyond their local area that their passing cannot go without mention on a wider scale. Those of you in the industry, and perhaps past customers of Trevor's business in Essex - Molsons - won't need any reminding of what a character Trevor was. Those who never knew him have for sure been deprived of the pleasure of spending time in the company of a man who was a showman and universally held as amongst the kindest of men.

Trevor remains as one of the father figures of the UK aftermarket car electronics industry. He was there at the start of the boom period. I knew Trevor only from my time working with Pioneer in the late 70s and early 80s. By then the stories were already legend. Trevor liked a drink - there's little hiding that fact - but it only made him even more affable. He was trusting and always eager to accommodate the wishes of others - at times that was his undoing, but what a lovely outlook to have on life and on your fellow man.

I will leave it to his long time friend and business partner, Jimmy Johnson, to sum up how we feel:
"Dear All, I write to inform you that my life long friend and business partner, Trevor Mollett, died last night. Trevor had been ill for many months.

"He was the kindest and most gentle man I ever knew, and he lived his life to the full.  He was a talented singer, at one time winning a nationwide television talent contest, and he and I shared not only a lifetime of friendship and business partnership, but also a love of performing music together.  Before he became too ill to walk he insisted on me playing the piano in the hospital community room, where together we sang old songs to the delight of the patients and staff.  It will be an abiding memory.  I loved him and will always be grateful for his influence on my life.

"Trevor was a loving and caring family man, and leaves Shirley, his wife of fifty years, and two children and two grandchildren." [KOB]