New heads-up display car navigation add-on technology
shows a virtual path in the sky

Making Virtual Solid demonstrates HUD technology

[Archived Article] A new concept for HUD (Heads-Up Display) across a vehicle's windscreen has been developed and demonstrated by US company Making Virtual Solid. It has the potential to provide 3D GPS navigation in such a way that the directions appear in front of you as if they are part of the landscape, rather than as an extension of the icons and mapping you currently see on your Sat Nav display.

The new system was recently awarded top prize at the European Satellite Navigation Competition in Munich, and it differs from other currently developing HUD systems in that instead of projecting a map on the windscreen, the technology they employ displays a 'virtual direction path line' (they call it Virtual Cable) to follow and this is made to seem like it is suspended in the sky ahead of the car, directing you towards your chosen destination.

Like most HUD displays, the main benefit is to prevent the driver from having to look away from the road at the screen of the Sat Nav device. But MVS's 'Virtual Cable' technology makes the HUD display less intrusive than a map and signs dotted across the windscreen, and curiously integrates into the scene ahead of the driver in a very natural way. It is claimed to work equally well in bright sunlight or at night, and to be able to be integrated with existing pre-fitted or aftermarket navigation devices.

Pricing has yet to be set but MVS claim that the system should be realistically priced when it finally makes it to the street. Take a look at the video explanation below. For more on the technology, visit the MVS website.