Noisy drivers targeted by UK Police in the South West - first ticket issued for measured 93dB

Noisy drivers targeted by UK Police

[Archived Article] Anti-social drivers are being targeted by the police force of Devon and Cornwall in an attempt to curb excessive noise from modified cars and altered exhaust systems. The introduction of sound measuring kits, including the NTi Audio Acoustilyzer AL1, at each of the regional force’s roads policing centres, means officers can deal effectively with noise pollution from vehicles in known problem areas.

The Acoustilyzer AL1 sound meter is packaged to assist the police in tackling anti-social driving. A number of officers have been trained in the use of the specialist kit and, as a result, the first ticket was issued for a vehicle producing over three times the acceptable noise level. Sergeant Paul Caboche, from Launceston Roads Policing Centre, said: "Drivers need to be aware of the consequences of their anti-social behavior and consider the impact of their actions on residents and local people. Continued offending will land anti-social drivers in court." The Acoustilyzer is backing up officers' court testimonies with accurate evidence.

First ticket issued for 93 dB(A)
In technical terms, vehicle noise levels should be between 82 to 89 decibels. The first ticket issued using the NTI sound measurement kit found the noise level to be 93 dB(A). Sergeant Caboche added: "Anti-social driving is consistently a cause of frustration within our communities. Our traffic officers can use these measurement devices to help reassure the public and tangibly demonstrate the police take action when complaints about anti-social driving are received. We also aim to use these sound meters in a targeted manner on operations and events to deal effectively with offending motorists." [KOB]