Pontiac Radio Code Service

Our service is personal, not automated, so if you are not sure which numbers to give, provide us with all you see on the outside of the casing and we will check them for you.


We aim to personally respond by email usually within a couple of hours, a little longer at weekends. If you're in the US then please bear in mind the time difference to UK (we're generally 5 hours ahead of US Eastern time). These codes are at our standard price of £7.95 (around $10 US but will vary with daily exchange rate).


After submitting the form, you will be forwarded to our payments page. Note that your request will not be actioned until payment is received. Our service is inexpensive but it is not free. We aim to give a good service to paying customers, with the assurance of our money-back guarantee: If we are not able to supply the factory-set code for your unit, we'll explain why and offer some options, and we promise to refund you, less just a small 45p transaction fee.

What Customers Have Said

Thank you guys for your service, I highly recommend you to anyone!! (Iran C Lewis, 2005 Pontiac GTO with replacement Blaupunkt 7642258520)

The code worked perfectly, as did the new (used) radio/CD Player. As we Yanks would say, you're awesome, dude! Thanks. (Michael Belo, Blaupunkt BP2258 in 2004 Pontiac GTO)

It worked, thanks so much for your time!! ( Derek Redenius, Blaupunkt BP2258 in 2004 Pontiac GTO )

Radio Removal tips for Pontiac GTO factory-fitted radios

Anti-tamper labels applied to the case of the radio will often overlap the back and top, or top and side panels. Look to see if such a label is torn along the line where the panels meet and let us know if you see this. It might indicate the radio has been previously repaired and the code physically reset, particularly as obtaining the unlock code for these models can be tricky. Let us know if you see a broken label, but our refund promise will still apply if the factory-set code fails to unlock.



You will need to pull the radio from the dashboard to read the serial number from its chassis - this will be on a printed label, engraved on the metal case, or both. Most of the units are extracted using 'keys' - if this is the case with yours, you will see small slots each side of the faciaplate. Don't be tempted to try removing the radio another way or force it as you may damage the surrounding dashboard trim. The keys make it very easy - you can find them in motoring stores or online.


This independent website provides useful guidance on how to remove car radios and sat-nav units from vehicles.

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Our Radio Codes Service is Safe, Personal and Helps You Cut Through the Confusion

There are several Instant radio code recovery services online and that's fine if you know exactly what to do and what numbers to use. Our service is staffed by a real person who checks the details you send through, will ask if we need to know something more, and is on hand to help if you hit any issues when you go to enter the code we've supplied. And our prices are still every bit as competitive as the robot sites.

Some radios and sat-navs cannot be decoded easily, but you can waste time and money trying to find someone to do it 'quick and easy'. We'll save you the frustration by simply being honest with you, and in those situations we tell you your options rather than leave you to desperately trawl around the Internet.

The higher profile online radio decoders are generally trustworthy but that's not always the case with some others, so be wary. Also, we strongly recommend to avoid downloading free software that promises to work out your code - these little apps often carry a virus and don't do what they claim. It simply isn't worth the risk.