InCar Subwoofer Box Design: Calculate your bass box (sealed, vented or bandpass)

Enter your subwoofer's data (its Thiele-Small parameters) in the various input boxes - the data should be available from the manufacturer of the woofer, or search for it online. The box parameters and graphs will update as you alter the input data. Hover your mouse cursor over the input boxes and along the graph lines to see helpful pop-up notes.

Adobe's Flash web browser plugin is needed to see the bass box calculator - unfortunately Flash is not supported on most tablets and smartphones and you'll see only an empty space! You'll need to return and view via a PC.

We have compared this calculator with results calculated by our reference PC-based software. While there are differences, this AJ Design software seems reliable. When compared with results from our reference, this one seems to generally calculate the F3 to be 5 to 10Hz lower. Fb appears to correlate quite closely. This online calculator is provided freely for your use. We offer no support and cannot accept responsibility for inaccurate calculations - we always recommend you visit a professional installer for best results.

By AJ Design Software