Car owners guide to: Car Accessories & Car Styling

Everything from car speakers to a replacement gear knob can be categorised as a car accessory, and the term "car accessory shop" is far more familiar to people than "car audio specialist" or "car alarm installer". But, generally speaking, referring to a car accessory shop suggests a place where you can buy a big variety of car related products, but not somewhere that specialises in anything particular.

Many car accessory shops stock some kind of in-car entertainment, alarm system, portable sat nav and even perhaps a seat-mounted video player and screen. So what makes them different from the specialist shops?

Choice for one thing. Specialist In-Car shops offer a much bigger variety of products. Knowledge is another, and the experience and ability to give specific information on adding products to your particular vehicle. And of course a full service that extends way beyond simply handing a box over the counter to you.

Expert installation is an attribute often devalued by those who are not able to provide it. "We offer free fitting" and "We fit it while u wait" make it seem as easy as topping up the oil. And the way most of those guys do it, it's very similar!

Certain retailers want you to think that fitting electronics to your car is easy, because they don't want you visiting an expert. But as soon as they hit an issue with a vehicle, they don't want to know or they will try some nasty workaround. They may even be cheeky enough to send you around the corner to the local specialist installer and add a hefty premium on your bill!

Under this category of Car Accessories we've included a few items not covered elsewhere within the web site - Car Styling, Speed Camera Detectors and Parking Sensors.

Car Styling

If you are about to take your first steps into Car Styling, you should find our introduction useful. Bodykits, alloy wheels, HID lighting kits, underbody neons, replacement mirrors... just a few things to ease you in.

Speed Camera Detectors

The Government continues to review speed camera detector technologies in the UK and is moving towards a ban of certain types. For this reason it is important to consult a specialist installer before purchasing one of these devices.

Parking Sensors

Sensors mounted at the front and rear of the vehicle gauge the proximity of objects and give out an audible warning as you drive closer to them. Now appearing as standard on some vehicles but also available as an aftermarket fitment, parking sensors are one of those helpful things you'll wish you'd always had.